Tests Information

List of Tests

Diagnostic and excision biopsies: skin, scalp, mucosa
  • - Skin biopsy procedure facility is available
  • - Routine histopathology with special stains
Scalp biopsies for alopecia
  • - Dermoscopic guided biopsy procedure available
  • - Specialized reporting on Transverse sections
Direct Immunoflourescence
  • - For diagnosis of bullous diseases, collagen vascular diseases and vasculitis
  • - Immunostaining for IgG, IgM, IgA, C3, fibrin
Antigen mapping
  • - For epidermolysis bullosa group & variants
Indirect immunoflourescence (Blood test): Pemphigus, Bullous pemphigoid, EBA
  • - Serum for testing on normal human skin, salt split skin for subepidermal blistering diseases
  • - Serum for Euroimmun test for Anti Dsg1 and Anti Dsg 3 antibodies for pemphigus.
  • - Tzanck smear for herpes & varicella-zoster
  • - Slit-smear for Leprosy & Leishmania

Special Facility

  • - Biopsy pick up service is available on request from Doctors clinic “only in Delhi & NCR”.
  • - Neutral buffered formalin solution for light microscopy & Michel’s medium for DIF provided free of cost.
  • - Digital images are included in the histopathology reports.
  • - Skin biopsy procedure is done on request.
  • - Dermatopathology teaching slide sets are available
  • - Biopsy sample outside Delhi, can be sent by domestic courier.